Letters to Parents

Please find below a list of letters which have been distributed to Eden Boys Birmingham Students for the year 2019/2020 for your reference.


Remote Learning Policy Year 7: Learning at Home
Remote Education Provision Year 8: Learning at Home
Teams – Pupil User Guide Year 9: Learning at Home
Office 365: Self Service Sign Up Year 10: Learning at Home
Office 365: Password Reset Year 11:Learning at Home
Online Safety Tips for Parents TikTok Guide for Parents & Carers
Y8 Intervention Letter 01.09.20 Y9 Intervention Letter 01.09.20
Y10 Intervention Letter 01.09.20 Y11 Intervention Letter 01.09.20
From Birmingham With Love Y10 Formal Assessment Letter 02.09.20
Y8 Diagnostic Assessment Letter 02.09.20 Y9 Diagnostic Assessment Letter 02.09.20
Mobile Phone Letter to All Parents Nut Allergy Letter 08.09.20
KS4 Curriculum Evening Invite Letter 07.09.20 Request for Leave of Absence Letter 08.09.20
Y7 Intervention Letter 10.09.20 Y11 Curriculum Evening Invite Letter 10.09.20
Get Into Medicine Conference KS4 Curriculum Guidance Year 11 2020-2021
Impress The Examiner Saturday School – Group AB Impress The Examiner Saturday School – Group CD
Coffee Morning Letter KS3 Curriculum Evening Invite Letter – 16.09.20
KS4 Curriculum Guidance Y9 & Y10 2019-2022 Y9/Y10 Curriculum Evening Invite Letter 21.09.20
KS3 Curriculum Guidance Y7 2020-2021 KS3 Curriculum Guidance Y8 2020-2021
Y7 to Y9 Enrichment 2020-2021 Letter 28.09.20 Scheduled Academic Assessments
Year 7 Timetable Letter 30.9.20 Year 8 Timetable Letter 30.9.20
Year 9 Timetable Letter 30.9.20 Year 10 Timetable Letter 4.10.20
COVID Catch Up – Reminder Letter Y11 Timetable Letter 4.10.20
Medic Mentor Work Experience Programme Darker Nights Schools Letter
E-Safety Parental Workshop October Half Term Intervention Letter
End of Term Letter
Y11 Parents Evening Letter 06.11.20 Y7 Parent Evening Letter 06.11.20
Sixth Form & Further Education Colleges Open Day Y11 Mock Timetable Letter
Y7 Autumn 2 Assessment Letter Y8 Autumn 2 Assessment Letter
Y9 Autumn 2 Assessment Letter Y10 Autumn 2 Assessment Letter
Y10 Autumn 2 assessment letter Y11 Autumn 2 assessment letter
Attendance – Whole School Letter Y10 Exam Preparation Evening Letter
Y11 Exam Preparation Evening Letter Immunisation Letter 
Principals Update Letter – Exams 2021 Saturday Physics Masterclass Letter
E-Safety Parental Workshop Letter End of Term Letter – December 2020
Christmas Break Letter – Creative Imedia COVID-19 Testing in School Letter
Spring Letters 2020 – 2021
Principals Letter – 4th Jan 2021 Y11 Online Parents Evening Letter
Sandwell College Online Open Day Leaflet Y11 Parents Evening – Teacher Codes
FSM Letter – Jan 2021 KE Aston Assembly
Ks3 Spring 1 Assessment Schedule Y10 Spring 1 Assessment Schedule
Y9 Spring 1 Assessment Schedule


Latest News

New Year Honour for trailblazing Star Executive Principal

New Year brought extra cause for celebration at Star Academies after Asiyah Ravat, Executive Principal at Eden Boys’ School, Birmingham, was recognised in the Queen’s New Year Honours List.

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Key Notices

Year 6 Open Evening

Open Evening 2020 Our Open Evening is on Tuesday 6th October 2020 from 4:30pm to 7:00pm. We hope your visit to our school will encourage you to apply for your child’s admission to Eden Boys’ School Birmingham.

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