Our Governing Body

Governor Information

Name Date of Appoint. Term of Appoint. Resignation (if applicable) Type of Appoint. Attendance 2017/2018
Pecuniary Interests Declared 2017/18
Abdul Rahim Sept 2015 4 Years Trust 4/4 None
Mumena Begum Sept 2015 4 Years 30/09/18 Trust 2/4 None
Ferzana Govalia Sept 2015 4 Years Trust 4/4 None
Julie Griffiths Sept 2015 4 Years Trust 2/4 None
Mohammed Ishaq Sept 2015 4 Years Trust 3/4 None
Amjid Khan Sept 2015 4 Years Trust 1/4 None
Asiyah Ravat Sept 2014 Term of Employment Staff (Principal) 4/4 None
Saleh Islam Nov 2016 4 Years Staff 4/4 None
Hajran Bashir Oct 2017 4 Years Trust 2/4 None
Aksa Khan Sept 2018 4 Years Trust n/a None
Muhammed Abdullah Mar 2017 4 Years 06/06/2018 Parent 2/3 None
Talal Hussain Nov 2018 4 Years Parent N/A N/A
Musarra Lowery Mar 2019 4 Years Parent N/A N/A
Name Business Interests Declared 2018/19
Name of Organisation Nature of Relationship Date from
Abdul Rahim None N/A N/A
Mumena Begum None N/A N/A
Ferzana Govalia None N/A N/A
Julie Griffiths Central Ethnic Minority Achievement Hub (CEMA) CIC Director May 2013
Extra Mile West Midlands CIC Director August 2010
Mohammed Ishaq None N/A N/A
Amjid Khan A&A Foodstore Owner August 2002
Makki Mosque Trust N/A 2006
Asiyah Ravat None N/A N/A
Saleh Islam None N/A N/A
Hajran Bashir None N/A N/A
Aksa Khan None N/A N/A
Talal Hussain None N/A N/A
Musarra Lowery None N/A N/A

Note: All Governors are appointed for a 4 year term of office, except for the Principal, who occupies the office whilst in post.

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Spring 1 Assessments

Spring 1 assessments will take place from Monday 4th February till Friday 15th February. Students will be issued timetables on Friday 1st February.

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